Global Marijuana March animated.gif Note: Any GMM 2011 cities missing from GMM 2011 city list and GMM 2011 map may be listed below. See Category:2011 Global Marijuana March. See the signup page too. Here are some of the international Facebook pages: Global Marijuana March, Worldwide Marijuana March, World wide Marijuana March 2011 (attendance page). There are many other cannabis-related Facebook pages organizing cities, states, and countries for the GMM. Facebook, Blogger, and Wordpress are free sites. Use them to post 2011 GMM event info.

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Tokyo, Japan


Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands


Jakarta, Indonesia

Vitoria, Brazil

Cordoba, Argentina

Latin America

Athens, Greece

Dublin and Cork, Ireland.

Prague, Czech Republic

Toronto, Canada

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Marche Mondiale du Cannabis. See French-speaking nations and regions.

Quito, Ecuador

New Zealand

Vienna, Austria

Cardiff, Wales, UK

Bratislava, Slovakia

Kansas City, Missouri

272 cities signed up for May 7, 2011. See map. GMM is the first Saturday in May or thereabouts. See also: 420 events. Add links below. See also: all GMM cities since 1999, and Google translation.

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Please help find more 2011 cities in a country or region. See: Category:Global Marijuana March by region. All GMM cities since 1999 are listed at Global Marijuana March cities. Here are some Google searches that may help find 2011 GMM cities (add city name to search):

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