Type: Hybrid (80% Maui Haze to 30% Afghan #1)

Appearance: Medium, dense.

Aroma: An earthy forest blend.

Taste: Quick, a burst of piney flavor on top of the tongue upon exhale. I couldn’t place it besides an earthy/nutty combo. Nothing strong or powerful at all.

Buzz Type: A moderate indica buzz with a mixture of body and mind. It seemed stronger when reflecting back than when you are in the moment (something I appreciate when managing pain with other people around).

Buzz Length: Long – 2-3+hours

Pain Management: After a day of “chair work” my back was in bad shape, but this strain allowed me to stand in the kitchen and make dinner for my wife. It lasted long enough for me to fall asleep pain free and comfortable.

Overall: A very good specimen, giving real big expansion (one we like to say “gets in ya”) immediately upon inhale. Certainly a goo variety sticking and gumming to anything you cut or grind with and giving a powerful kick in the pants that lasts forever.

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