By: Nirvana Seeds

Indica 90 / Sativa 10
Origins - Northern Lights x Afghan
Flowering - 55-60 days
Harvest - Mid September

This F1 hybrid has all the characteristics of a strong Indica: the branching stays low and close with strong, thick stems. its compact, sturdy structure favors the sea of green method, placed in flowering at 18 inches (50cm) and ripe at under 3 feet (1 meter), but keep an eye out for mold if your environment warrants it. The pistils stay white upon ripening, but in cold environments the leaves may turn red. Don't wait for all the hairs to turn before harvesting.

Aurora Indica's leaves are dark and impressively wide and its smell is dense and spicy, leading gardeners to anticipate the cosmic Indica experience its name suggests. The buds are thick and greasy to the touch, with a deep Afghani flavor that is more apparent when grown in soil. A great stone before bed, this heavy buzz comes on quick and can be quite sedative. People have reported hot ears as a common side effect when vaporizing. This strain has medicinal potential for treating hyperactivity and insomnia.

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