By: Enterprise Seeds

Sativa / Indica
Origins - Grapefruit, Northern Lights & African Sativa
Flowering - 60-65 days
Harvest - Late September

This variety was bred and named Betazoid because it helped a friend kick a hard drug habit. With an alert, cerebral high typical of a sativa, Betazoid is considered to have characteristics beneficial to medical marijuana users, specifically those trying to maintain a positive frame of mind and alleviate chronic pain.

Betazoid was developed by selecting the best plants in a home setup over three years of breeding. Selection was made again after the first generation was grown out and tested. The second selection was based on the quality of the high, the yield, the density of the nugs and the smoothness of the smoke. This strain has sturdy stems with bushy foliage and big tight buds that carry a mildly fruity scent. The flavor of the smoke has a deep hashish flavor.

This variety prefers to be cultivated in an indoor garden, and likes soil better than hydroponic setups. It will usually increase in size by ninety percent from the size at which it was flowered. Betazoid should only be grown outdoors if you're in a temperate climate, with a finishing time of late September.

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