Breeder: Magus Genetics
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: Indica / Sativa hybrid
Genetics: Early Skunk x Sensi Star
Flowering (indoors): 50 - 60 days
Flowering (outside): September/October

After a successful trial year we are now proud to present: Biddy's "little" Sister. A half sibling to the already well known and praised Biddy Early, but because of the short stature that she inherited from her Indica dominant father, more suitable for an indoor SoG style of growing.

However, when grown with a long vegetative period or outdoors, excellent hybrid vigor ensures she will not stay little at all despite the limited stretch in flowering.

When planted early May she will become a giant bush with a height up to 2.5 meters and lateral branching that can reach almost as high as the main stalk.

The main stalk is big enough to be worthy of the term trunk, but sadly the branches are rather brittle and can easily break at the nodes when exposed to strong winds, especially when they carry heavy buds later in the season.

This won't be any problem when growing at a location where it's easy to provide extra support like a in a back-yard, but for guerrilla farmers this might be a little problematic.

She will develop a strong but pleasantly sweet aroma very early in life, so expect to "enjoy" that aspect well before flowering.

Some of the sweetness will come through in the taste as well, but is dominated by a rather minty taste, somewhat similar to good quality blonde Moroccan hashish. The effect is a pleasant body relaxing stone, potent enough, but not devastating strong.

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