By: Magus Genetics

Sativa 50 / Indica 50
Origins - Early Skunk x Warlock
Flowering - 50–60 days
Harvest - Early October

Biddy Early is named for a 19th-century woman accused of witchcraft, whose story became the subject of folk ballads and entered Irish legend.

Biddy Early is the first variety that Magus Genetics specifically formulated for outdoor gardening in temperate regions. Although an even mix of sativa and indica, this plant exhibits the strong lateral growth typically seen in sativas. Biddy likes to branch out. The branches are very elastic and pliable, easily trained or tied like vines to suit the available space. Outdoors, this suppleness makes the plant "storm proof" or resilient to harsh weather.

Biddy Early shows her talents outdoors, but may create trouble when grown indoors either for bud or as mothers for cloning, due to her low flowering trigger. Biddy often flowers prematurely if stressed by a lack of sufficient light, nutrients, or root space.

At maturity, Biddy Early is a medium-sized plant that delivers a respectable yield of sugary sweet colas. The buzz mixes sativa headiness and indica power for a somewhat unbalancing ride into an enjoyably floaty high. Warm ears are a common side effect.

The Biddy Early plant has gained renown in Europe and beyond, winning multiple awards in recent years - the Silver (sativa category) at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003, and second place (outdoor category) at the Highlife Cup in 2004.

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