Strain: Blue Dream
Breeder: Clone Only
Genetics: Blueberry x Super Silver Haze
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
Flowering: ~70 days

Blue Dream Haze is a cult classic in California Medical Cannabis Scene, often commanding upwards of $4,000 a lb! This is a true cash cropper in every sense of the word, but what's special about it is that it still brings that Top Shelf quality a good farmer demands from their plants.

The Blue Dream strain is a well-loved hybrid known for its ability to offer both mental invigoration and a body-based sense of relaxation. Providing the benefits of an indica body experience, but balanced out by the uplifting and clarifying cerebral effects of a sativa, this hybrid offers the best of both worlds and is great for daytime use.

This cut of Blue Dream is made up of some sort of Blueberry from the DJ Short collection and is believed to be crossed with a Super Silver Haze from Mr. Nice. It is extremely Sativa in its high but has some great indica qualities in its dense nug structure and doesn't stretch too much like a normal haze. This plant is likely to develop into a branchy bush, so it's also perfect for cloning. It takes root VERY fast and is very reliable in that sense. This plant has purple potential when the temps see a 15ish degree difference from daytime to nighttime.

Blue Dream is quickly becoming a Canadian favourite, too, available from several Canadian growers including TilrayWeedMDCanna FarmsAurora, and Aphria.

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