Breeder: DJ Short Seeds Type: Indica 80 / Sativa 20
Genetics: Purple Thai (f) x Afghan (m)
Flowering (indoors): 50-60 days
Harvest: Mid October
PLEASE NOTE: This Blueberry strain is not to be confused with DJ Short's lesser known Sativa version

While this Blueberry strain is a sativa / indica mix, it is subjectively considered a mostly indica cross that dates to the late "1970's". The name is obviously related to the flavor of the finished product, but also fits with the cool blue hues of the plant and buds, which will pale to a lavender blue in the curing and drying process.

Blueberry is a low to medium height plant of mostly Indica structure, but with more branching, especially from the lower limbs. The plant grows full with wide, dark leaves and stems. Growing outdoors with organic fertilizers is optimal, as this allows Blueberry to retain the nuance of its flavors, making the quality utmost. This variety also performs well in terms of quality and quantity under many conditions, including the sea of green method.

The taste and aroma are very fruity, with the signature blueberry taste. This variety produces a notable and pleasantly euphoric experience of top quality, and the buzz lasts a long time. Blueberry smoke will not put you to sleep, but it may make you forget what you were going to do instead.


  • 2000 - First place winner of the Indica Cup in High Times Cannabis Cup competition.
  • 2001 - Third place winner of the Indica Cup; High Times Cannabis Cup.
  • 2001 - First place winner of the overall Cannabis Cup; High Times Cannabis Cup.

Blueberry won first and second place for a number of Cannabis Culture "mini-Cups" sponsored by Marc Emery and Cannabis Culture magazine.

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