By: DNA Genetics

Indica 60 / Sativa 40
Origins - Blueberry x Haze Special
Flowering - 60-70 days
Harvest - Late October

Hazes have increased in popularity over the last few years, especially in breeding programs. They are especially suitable for crossing. The pure Haze, an equatorial, offers and exciting taste and high, but can be too much trouble for the average home grower. Hazes are long season plants that grow very tall and lanky, demanding space and patience without the high yields that the other plants provide under similar conditions. Once crossed with shorter season plants, the Haze's flowering time and size may both be brought back into a range that is reasonable for the average gardener. Blueberry Haze crosses KC Brains Haze Special, ancestors of which are a Neville's Haze, crossed with the KC 606, with the signature DJ Short Blueberry, a more compact plant with purple-blue foliage, a berry-flavor to the smoke, and a popular high. The result 9-10 week flowering period. This Indica-dominant hybrid likes to branch and darkens to a forest green late in flowering. The buds are nice-formed tight nuggets.

Still, Blueberry Haze is a plant for people who like to garden, not for home or commercial growers seeking an easy crop. She can be persnickety and will show her displeasure if the garden is not kept clean and well regulated within favorable light and temperature conditions. But smoke connoisseurs are likely to find Blueberry Haze worth the effort. This hybrid inherits the taste that goes with the name: a succulent berry flavor with a bit of the fresh herbal hue of the Haze. The true reward is quality of the high, which builds from a mild feeling of wellness to euphoria, inspiration, and perma-grin. The potency and gradual onset require some experience and pacing; overuse may turn an enjoyable buzz into sweet dreams as overwhelming drowsiness kick in.

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