Breeder: Chimera Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: Indica dominant hybrid
Genetics: California Orange (f) x Shishkaberry (m)
Flowering: ~56 days

Calizahr.... the bitter orange. The 20+ year old Cali-O clone, an old elite gem that has proven her worth in gardens all over North America gets down with pollen from the Shiskaberry line.... and large yielding, very resinous line.

The purpose of this cross was to develop a line that produces large, resinous flowers that retain the characteristic citrus flavor and aroma of the 20+ year old California Orange mother, all the while improving upon her yield and resin production. The results culminate in an excellent plant, with lime green flowers that are covered in trichomes. Makes excellent hash.

Yield is high, plants are well suited for bush style grows. Flowering period is approximately 8 weeks.

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