High death rates in Republican south. Source.

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Polls before and after the first Global Marijuana March in May 1999. Global marches, rallies, and medical cannabis activism overcame the propaganda that massively escalated with
Reagan's war on cannabis.

It is sometimes difficult to get national and international media to cover the Global Marijuana March. But there is a lot of media coverage locally in many cities, including TV coverage. Many times even with just a few marchers. It really matters. Public opinion is changed over time. See many large cannabis rally crowd shots worldwide.

Compilations of polls

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Marijuana Surveys and Polls - NORML. State and national polls over time.


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4 Nov 2021: Support for Legal Marijuana Holds at Record High of 68%. From Gallup Poll.


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9 Nov 2020: Support for Legal Marijuana Inches Up to New High of 68%. From Gallup Poll.


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19 Apr 2019: Support for marijuana legalization hits new high (65%), CBS News poll finds.


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22 Oct 2018: 2 in 3 Americans (66%) Support Legalizing Recreational Marijuana. [76]. By Gallup Poll.

26 Apr 2018: Poll: Support for legal marijuana hits all-time high (63%). By Max Greenwood. The Hill. Quinnipiac University poll. "Support for legalization hit 63 percent in the survey — the highest level of support recorded by a Quinnipiac poll".


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As of late 2017 polling even Republicans support recreational marijuana legalization. [77]. But not Republican politicians. CannabisVoter.info - Click on your state to determine which anti-cannabis Republicans to vote out of office.

1973-2016 polling by General Social Survey.

From early 2017: There’s Only One Demographic That Still Thinks Marijuana Should Be Illegal. Republicans. See: Quinnipiac poll done Feb. 16-21, 2017. And: Pew Research poll results from September 2016.


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For the first time more Australians support legalizing pot than oppose.

The polls that matter the most are elections.
US states that have legalized as of the Nov. 8, 2016 election:

States that have legalized.
Map of states that have legalized marijuana.jpg
Current medical marijuana states, with map. And: Clickable MPP map. And: Clickable NORML map.


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Timeline of U.S. polls on marijuana legalization.jpg

See Reagan's war on cannabis. Above timeline is adapted from one of the charts in this article:

Latest Gallup Poll Shows Only 2-in-5 Americans Oppose Marijuana Legalization. By Russ Belville. October 21, 2015.
See also: inmystride.blogspot.com and Canadian opinion poll results.


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Americans ages 18 to 34 favor marijuana legalization by a huge 49-point margin -- almost three of every four in this age group expressed support. Among those aged 35 to 49, just more than half said they support legalization, compared to 49 percent of those 50 to 64, reports Rebecca Ballhaus at the Wall Street Journal. Those over 65 oppose it, 59 percent to 38 percent.


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2012 May. U.S. adults

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"Across the country, 52 per cent of Americans support the legalization of marijuana, while 44 per cent oppose it. Majorities of men (60%), Independents (57%) and Democrats (54%) would like to see marijuana legalized. Women (45%), respondents over the age of 55 (48%) and Republicans (43%) are not as supportive of legalization. In four nationwide surveys conducted by Angus Reid Public Opinion on the topic of marijuana legalization since 2009, support has always surpassed the 50 per cent mark in the United States, and opposition has not reached 45 per cent."

"Methodology: From May 29 to May 30, 2012, Angus Reid Public Opinion conducted an online survey among 1,017 American adults who are Springboard America panelists. The margin of error—which measures sampling variability—is +/- 3.1%. The results have been statistically weighted according to the most current education, age, gender and region Census data to ensure a sample representative of the entire adult population of the United States. Discrepancies in or between totals are due to rounding."

2012 May. Likely U.S. voters

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  • 56% Favor Legalizing, Regulating Marijuana - Rasmussen Reports. From the article: "A new national telephone survey of Likely Voters shows that 56% favor legalizing and regulating marijuana in a similar manner to the way alcohol and tobacco cigarettes are regulated. Thirty-six percent (36%) are opposed to such a legalizing and regulating pot."

2010 July. U.S. adults

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Rasmussen poll. Source. 43% say marijuana should be legalized, and 42% disagree. While half of Democrats (51%) support legalizing marijuana, 62% of Republicans are opposed. Voters not affiliated with either major political party lean toward legalization by a 48% to 35% margin. The survey of 1,000 adults was conducted on July 21-22, 2010 by Rasmussen Reports. They were simply asked whether or not they believed marijuana should be legalized.

2009 December. U.S. voters

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A December 2009 poll by Angus Reid Public Opinion finds that 53% of Americans support legalizing marijuana, 43% oppose, and 4% are not sure. See: Most Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana. Poll question was "Do you support or oppose the legalization of each of the following drugs?" Methodology: "Online interviews with 1,004 American voters, conducted on Dec. 3 and Dec. 4, 2009. Margin of error is 3.1 per cent."

2009 April. U.S. adults

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"It’s not just a California poll. A WashingtonPost/ABC survey, also released last week, revealed that 46 percent of Americans support legalization of small amounts of marijuana for personal use — that’s double the support it had a decade ago." - May 6, 2009. Christian Science Monitor. Article titled "Legalize marijuana? Schwarzenegger says let’s debate it." Actual poll: "Washington Post-ABC News Poll". Poll conducted April 21-24, 2009 of a random national sample of adults. The Washington Post. ABC News.

2008 US presidential election

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"The Zogby poll, commissioned by the conservative-leaning O'Leary Report, surveyed 3,937 voters and found 52 percent in favor of legalization. Only 37 percent opposed." - May 6, 2009. "Majority Of Americans Want Pot Legalized: Zogby Poll". The Huffington Post. See also: "New Poll: 52% Say Marijuana Should Be Legal, Taxed, Regulated." May 06, 2009. Salem-News.com. "Is marijuana tax the next revenue stream?", by Michael B. Farrell. May 11, 2009. Chicago Sun-Times.

The 3,937 voters in the above Zogby poll were weighted to match the 2008 presidential outcome -- 54 percent Obama voters and 46 percent McCain supporters.

Voters were asked: "Scarce law enforcement and prison resources, a desire to neutralize drug cartels and the need for new sources of revenue have resurrected the topic of legalizing marijuana. Proponents say it makes sense to tax and regulate the drug while opponents say that legalization would lead marijuana users to use other illegal drugs. Would you favor or oppose the government's effort to legalize marijuana?"

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