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Check for existing city pages listed on the Global Marijuana March map page, and in Category:Cities. If you don't see a city listed, then you might create the city page.

  • This is a suggested layout for city pages. See New York City, for example. This suggested layout changes over time. Remove the unused year sections. Use the parts you want. Adapt to your needs. You can use find-and-replace in a text editor to fill in stuff fast in the wikitext. Use the order below:
-Replace "city, nation" (Wikipedia link) first. Keep comma. If in USA or Canada use state or province for nation. If in UK use England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland.
-Replace "city+nation". (Google maps, images. Site search for cities). Be sure there is a plus sign between every part. Same rules concerning USA, Canada, UK.
-Replace "city+". Category index. Be sure there is a plus sign between every part. Search graphics, photos.
-Replace "city_". Category index. Be sure there is an _underscore_ between every part. Wikivoyage.
-Replace "city" (no plus sign between parts).
-Replace "nation" (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, etc.. And no plus sign between parts).
-Replace "state or province" (no plus sign between parts). If in UK use England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. Do not replace with nation. Remove from "Top" section.
    • >>>> Check for plus signs between parts of city name in wiki category index.
    • >>>> Check Wikivoyage URL, and see that there is an underscore between the parts of multi-word city names.
- Check length of Google and GMM search URLs. May not need all the parts. Fill in city+nation, city+state, or city+province in wikitext.
- Test Wikipedia links. May need City, Nation. Or City, State. Or City, Province.
- Test Wikitravel link.
- Then remove these explanatory notes at the top of the page. Remove the year sections you aren't filling in now.
- Remove this if not filled in: **[[State or Province. Cannabis-related links]]. in "Links" section.
- To access the template pages click the "page information" link in the tools section of the sidebar.
    • >>>> For European cities add {{Template:Europe info}} to the "Info" section. See: Template:Europe info

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Cannabis-related links:

More links:

Wikipedia: Cannabis by country.
Search for marijuana march videos. And more.
City lists. Global Marijuana March, 420. Crowd photos. Template:Cannabis-related links


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Global Cannabis March. 420

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Google site search is no longer working well. It only finds a few yearly city lists containing a city name.
Special:Search works. Add city name, and state/province/nation as needed. This will pull up all years in which the city is listed here on Wikia through 2012. For more years go here. See also: 4/20 event lists. This city participated or signed up one year (or more) for the Global Marijuana March (GMM), or the Million Marijuana March (MMM).

1035 cities have participated from 85 nations or subnational areas since 1999.

Global Marijuana March links.

Latest links for Global Marijuana March. See GMM: basic city lists, detailed city lists, graphics, photos, maps, regions, links, years. Google images: Crowds, flyers: Marcha da Maconha. And: Marche Mondiale du Cannabis. And: Marcha Mundial de la Marihuana. And: Global Marijuana March. Add city name to searches.
See the latest GMM graphics, and worldwide GMM city list and map.

GMM city lists and maps: ~ 1999. 2000. 2010.

City lists. Global Marijuana March, 420. Crowd photos.

 Right-click any region for its city list.
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See Global Marijuana March 2011 map.

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