This is not to be confused with Leonotis Leonurus also known as Wild Dagga or Lion's Tail.

Breeder: Cannabis Professionals
Type: Sativa
Height: 5-7 feet
Flowering: 7-8 weeks
Yield: up to 400 grams
Harvest: under natural light; end of September

Dagga was originally bred from 100% South African Sativa. The strain originally came from a small town outside Durban on South Africa's east coast. Although it is similar to Durban Poison, the high is a little trippier.

The cultivator of this strain has provided us with this stable strain for the last decade. This African princess is one of the easiest to grow, fastest flowering, and one of the most potent strains known! It produces a very high THC content and produces a high similar to your best Thai.

Sativa lineage and compact tight buds bloom even during the worst season. Very mold resistant. Very large plants and early flowering will please even the most fussiest cultivator.

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