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Share links: Dana or Dana Beal or danabeal or DanaBeal. This article was written by Timeshifter.
See Facebook: Dana Beal and Free Dana Beal, Free Ourselves. See docs. Dana Beal is the founder and main organizer of the Global Marijuana March [94]. See Wikipedia: Dana Beal and Wikipedia: Global Marijuana March. See Google images, Bing images, and Youtube videos. See: New York City.

Global Marijuana March

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Global Marijuana March.jpg

Cures not wars.jpg Yippie Museum and Cafe.jpg
Yippie Museum and Cafe at 9 Bleecker St, New York City. Facebook: Yippie Museum-9 Bleecker Street.

Partial chronology

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Dana Beal. 7 Oct 2014 in Washington Square Park in New York City. [18].

2014, Feb. 12. Dana Beal is released on parole. [95] [96].
2014, Jan 17: Requiem for Yippie Stronghold, 9 Bleecker. By Preston Peet.
2013, Aug. 9. Moved to work release center in Omaha, Nebraska [97].
2013, June 7. Surgery for a completely blocked carotid artery.
2013, May 20. Letter from Ron Kuby to Nebraska Parole Board re: Irvin Dana Beal.
2013, May 4. YouTube: Dana Beal from Prison at the NYC Cannabis Rally. Video of the crowd at the New York City Cannabis Parade while Dana Beal spoke to them from prison.

Dana Beal.jpg

Dana Beal was the main organizer of the Global Marijuana March until he was incarcerated again in February 2012. He is also a world-renowned activist concerning iboga and ibogaine and its use in alleviating the devastating effects of heroin withdrawal, and the severe withdrawal symptoms when stopping use of other hard drugs such as methamphetamine. See Wikipedia: Dana Beal.

His Nebraska sentencing was on Monday, December 10, 2012: Nebraska burns Beal; Gives pot activist 4 to 6 in the joint. By Paul DeRienzo, The Villager. See also: Yippie activist sentenced, gets prison time for hauling pot. By Paul Hammel, Omaha World-Herald. See also: Marijuana advocate jailed, on KETV Omaha. His prosecutor was fined in August 2012 for around $5000 worth of false personal expense reimbursement claims. See this Facebook group for more info: Free Dana Beal, Free Ourselves. Dana's Facebook page is here, though he can't update it himself while he is in jail. Others are updating it.

Global Marijuana March links.

Latest links for Global Marijuana March. See GMM: basic city lists, detailed city lists, graphics, photos, maps, regions, links, years. Google images: Crowds, flyers: Marcha da Maconha. And: Marche Mondiale du Cannabis. And: Marcha Mundial de la Marihuana. And: Global Marijuana March. Add city name to searches.
See the latest GMM graphics, and worldwide GMM city list and map.

GMM city lists and maps: ~ 1999. 2000. 2010.

City lists. Global Marijuana March, 420. Crowd photos.

Health hazards in Nebraska jails

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Free Dana Beal 3.jpg

The Nebraska jail system may have been trying to kill Dana Beal. December 2, 2012 letter from Dana Beal: "I was lying on my back and coughed just once, and got the most excruciating pain from my right hernia. Since previously I had to move around to get stabbing pain, this means my large intestine is really trying to burst through my abdominal wall." November 21, 2012 letter: "After walking 'round the yard for 45 minutes, I came in, lay down on my bed, coughed just once -- and got the worst, most excruciating stab of pain that you can imagine in my right hernial sac." Nov. 18, 2012 letter: "The growth on my back is getting bigger, but she won't order a biopsy, and there will be no hernia operations."

Free Dana Beal 2.jpg

One week after returning to prison this past February 2012, he had another heart attack and a stent had to be placed. He has other serious medical issues, such as an acutely painful double hernia described above, which are not being addressed in prison. In addition, he is taking a blood thinner, which is not being properly monitored. Therefore, theoretically, the hernia could rupture and Dana could bleed out and die before help arrives.

More news

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See full-size version.

On Monday, October 29, 2012 Dana was moved to a Lincoln, Nebraska facility for a health assessment. Dana was at the Wahoo, Nebraska jail before that. Jailhouse Letter: Dear Judge, ‘The Staff Actually Discontinued My Fish Oil’. By Corey Kilgannon. August 17, 2012. New York Times. It took 2 weeks, but Dana got the fish oil. See comment at the end of this article by The Villager from August 30, 2012: Beal pleads guilty, but med defense not up in smoke. By Paul DeRienzo.

Dana Beal had a bench trial in Saunders County, Nebraska on August 27, 2012, and was found guilty September 4. See media articles: [102] [103] [104] [105] [106] [107], and Dana's reply. On September 27, 2011 Dana suffered a heart attack which resulted in double-bypass open heart surgery. He survived and was released temporarily from his Wisconsin prison sentence mentioned farther down. See: Activist Legend Avoids Marijuana Sentence -- With Heart Attack. On December 29, 2011 his resentencing hearing gave him 11 months in prison. That sentence started in February 2012. See this and this. On September 20, 2011 Dana Beal was sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison in Wisconsin. He was credited with 267 days already served for the time he was in jail. His original sentence also included parole for 2 and a half years after he got out of prison. See this September 22, 2011 article by The Dodgeville Chronicle. See also Paul DeRienzo's reply and Dana's reply to Dana Beal a folk hero? in The Villager, December 1, 2011.

Some event photos and posters

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Dana Beal photo albums on Facebook: [108] [109]. For more photos see this Google image search.

Click the images below for info, larger sizes, and sharing.


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Aron (Pieman) Kay on the left, and Dana Beal on the right. Rock Against Racism event, Central Park Bandshell, in New York City. Saturday, May 5, 1979. Aron's t-shirt says "Have Pie, Will Travel". [110][111].

Dana Beal and Aron Kay 1979.jpg


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New York City, Central Park 1978 L-R. Stephen DeAngelo, AJ Weberman, Dana Beal, Aron Kay.jpg
Facebook photo caption:

"this pic was taken by wayne angel at the 1978 national marijuana day smoke-in at nyc's central park — with Stephen DeAngelo, AJ Weberman, Dana Beal and Aron Kay." (left to right in the photo).


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Dana Beal and Steve Conliff. 1977 NORML Formal. More info on this photo here.

Dana Beal and Steve Conliff. 1977 NORML Formal. More info on this photo here.

See text here too.

Patti Smith in Yipster Times.jpg

Patti Smith [112] in Mar-Apr 1977 edition of The Yipster Times [113].

There are some Yipster Times [114] and other periodicals, archived here:

More 1970s

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New York City. April 29, 1972 event flyer. Dana Beal holding it. May Day is J-Day:

New York City 1972 April 29. Dana Beal. May Day is J-Day.jpg

New York City. Feb. 4, 1972. Dana Beal Benefit Boogie. See another flyer. He was in jail in Madison, Wisconsin.

New York City 1972 Feb 4 Dana Beal Benefit Boogie.jpg

1971 Madison Wisconsin

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1971. Madison, Wisconsin. 1st Annual Marijuana Harvest Festival. September 25.

The first Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival: Sept. 25, 1971. [115]. October 1, 2010 article by Gary Stork. "At that time, Dana was in jail in Madison charged with several counts of sales to a narc and also charged with possession with intent. In the end, he copped a plea and served about a year in the Dane County jail. William Kunstler, legendary lawyer for radicals, was willing to serve as his defense lawyer but the case didn't ever come to trial. I sure didn't think Dana Beal would still be facing time in prison 40 years after 1971."

The Marijuana Review. July-Sept 1971.
"Free Dana Beal"
(top of page).

September 25, 1971. Madison, Wisconsin. 1st Annual Marijuana Harvest Festival. [21].

1967 New York City

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From an old page (yippiemuseum.org/whatsup.html) is this quote (emphasis added):

"The first Smoke In was held in February 1967 in upstate New York by Michael Aldridge but it did not receive much press attention. In June 1967 Dana Beal and the New York Provos held the second smoke-in in Tompkins Square Park [in New York City]. Due to several arrests this demonstration received considerable press. Beal went underground in January 1968 but the Smoke Ins continued just as they do today as evidenced by the above photo of 10,000 Smoke Inners in Boulder on April 20, 2008."

"Hippies Protest In NYC". Video of August 23, 1967 rally. "Carrying guitars and beating drums, hippies and supporters of Yippie activist Irvin Dana Beal gather in New York City to protest his arrest for selling drugs and to raise money for his bail." There is no audio. QuickTime may need to be installed to play the embedded video, or download the video via the link there, and play it on your media player.

YouTube videos with this videoclip:

Dana Beal in 1967 in New York City.

Dana Beal in 1967 in Tompkins Square Park in New York City. Dana is 20 years old, and is wearing the white striped shirt.


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Cures not wars.jpg

There are many videos with Dana Beal in them. Google search for videos: Dana Beal. YouTube search for Dana Beal.

  • "Antigone," a documentary in progress. YouTube link. This version includes some of the Wisconsin sentencing. This video shows much of Dana's work, in order to put his current situation in context. Video changes to full-screen, high-definition quality around 1 minute 10 seconds in. That is Dana being held up by others in the 1967 rally videoclip shown at the beginning.
  • Dana Beal's entire sentencing testimony. September 20, 2011. 36 Minutes: YouTube link.

The Ibogaine Story

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The Ibogaine Story: Report on the Staten Island Project. [116] 1997 book by Paul De Rienzo, Dana Beal, and Project Members. Publisher: Autonomedia. ISBN 978-1-57027-029-1.

Chapter 4 is titled "Dana Beal" and is a biography of him. Text online here, here, and here.

More info and links

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2012 Global Marijuana March banner.

See also

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More videos

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Many videos. Google search for videos: Dana Beal. YouTube search for Dana Beal.

Death_penalty_for_pot Music video cartoon about our dynamic duo, Dana Beal and Aron "pieman" Kay. Video was created in 2003 (see notice at end of video). The music is by Benedict Arnold & The Traitors. The song "Death penalty for pot" was written in 1981, and recorded around 2002 according to the info on the Youtube page.

When Dana needs help

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An email below kept for historical purposes.

Cannabis is safer

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