Edibles are a way to get a dose of marijuana without smoking. They are good for people who are sensitive to smoke or require a smell free alternative. Properly prepared, edibles are effective, discrete and tasty.
In the untreated form, marijuana is not effective when eaten. The active ingredients need to be converted before they can be absorbed by your body. Typically, marijuana is treated with oil, butter or alcohol and heat to activate it. Other methods using butane, glycerin and other chemicals can be used, but require skill and experience to do safely.

Extracting the Active Ingredients[]

A common extraction method involves heating marijuana in butter to activate it. The procedure is described here - http://stonedsoup.com/?Page=Recipes&ID=7. The result of the procedure is a greenish butter (Called budder in some circles), that can be used in recipes such as cookies and sauces.

Typical Edibles[]

One of the first edible recipes to come out was for brownies (See a demonstration for making brownies here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeG8EHn_miQ). Another popular edible is cookies (See http://stonedsoup.com/?Page=Recipes&ID=16). Candy cooks make caramels, lollypops and chocolates.
Marijuana can be used in savory dishes such as dips (http://stonedsoup.com/?Page=Recipes&ID=73) and soups. You can find a variety of unique and original weed recipes at The Stoner's CookBook and Original Weed Recipes.