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Global Marijuana March links.

Latest links for Global Marijuana March. See GMM: basic city lists, detailed city lists, graphics, photos, maps, regions, links, years. Google images: Crowds, flyers: Marcha da Maconha. And: Marche Mondiale du Cannabis. And: Marcha Mundial de la Marihuana. And: Global Marijuana March. Add city name to searches.
See the latest GMM graphics, and worldwide GMM city list and map.

GMM city lists and maps: ~ 1999. 2000. 2010.

City lists. Global Marijuana March, 420. Crowd photos.

Global Marijuana March animated.gif See also: Basic city list, 2001 graphics, and map.

119 cities signed up for the Saturday, May 5, 2001 Global Marijuana March.



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2001 Million Marijuana March posters, flyers, and banners.

2001 Million Marijuana March

2001 MMM


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

London, UK

San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California

Leipzig, Germany

New Orleans, Louisiana

The Global Marijuana March (GMM) is also known as the Million Marijuana March (MMM). GMM events worldwide are held the first Saturday in May, or thereabouts. For many photo, video, media, and report links go to the GMM and GMM links pages.


Rally reports, photos, etc.:

http://corporatism.tripod.com/mmmreports.htm and

Detailed city list[]

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The links in the detailed city list below may no longer work, or may no longer lead to 2001 MMM info. Try some of the links in the above-linked archives.

Adelaide: Contact: Jamnes (at) HEMP SA, PO Box 11019, Kent Town South Australia, 5071 /Email: hempsa(at)va.com.au http://www.hemp.on.net Phone: +61 (08) 8297 9442

Albuquerque: "Richard E. Haley, Jr." writch(at)writch.com Home phone: 505-268-5694 Main NORML Phone: 505-281-6277

Amsterdam: Has© has.cornelissen(at)planet.nl or alliance(at)legalize.org Phone: 0031-616314682 or 020-6107807 http://www.legalize.org [Note: this event is June 2 (small event on May 5)] http://nl.legalize.net

Anchorage: Free Hemp In Alaska, Contact: Lincoln Swan freedomfighter49(at)alaska.com or freehempinak(at)gci.net Address: 2603 Spenard Road, Anchorage, AK 99503. Phone: 907 278-4367 TOLL FREE 1-866-242-HEMP (4367)

Asheville: Contact: Jason Klein aragorn(at)hightec.com /Community of Compassion/ Phone: 828-277-6876

Atlanta: Paul Cornwell info(at)worldcamp.org Phone: 404-522-2267 Address: CAMP, PO Box 5718, Atlanta, GA. 31107-5718 / Website: http://www.worldcamp.org

Athens (OHIO): John Spofforth af542(at)seorf.ohiou.edu Phone: 740-592-3649

Auckland: Chris Fowlie norml(at)apc.org.nz Phone: 09 302-5255 Website: http://www.norml.org.nz

Austin: Contact: Tracey Hayes / "M5 coalition" texasm5(at)hotmail.com Phone: 512-493-7357 Website: http://www.m5coaltion.org

Bakersfield: Chris Colazzo ccolazzo(at)hotmail.com Phone: 661-321-1336

Batesville: Email to: nfn(at)watervalley.net nfn(at)watervalley.net / Gary or Kira / Phone: 662-578-8343

Battle Creek: Harry Goddard / Phone: 616-731-2807

Berlin: martin(at)africandance.de Phone: 0049-30-24720233

Boston: Bill Downing / MASSCAN Phone: 781-944-2266

Boulder: Fred / Phone: 303-449-2390

Brno, (Czech Republic): "Vaclav Linkov" linkov(at)math.muni.cz Phone: +420-737-811107 URL: http://www.legalizace.cz

Buffalo: Rebecca Powell / Phone: 716-353-4807 or central Buffalo/ Phil Beavers Phone: 716-353-4807 or 716-895-1987 Email: LOCMAN420(at)aol.com Details: Start 3:00pm Sat. May 5th, Delaware Park Demo/ 420pm

Burlington: "Robert J. Melamede" rmelamed(at)zoo.uvm.edu Ph: 802-658-2059 Website: http://www.uvm.edu/~rmelamed/

Capetown: "Henn" godfreehenn(at)usa.net

Carbondale: "Dave Thayer" stinkygreens(at)yahoo.com 110 kellogg, Carbondale, Ill. 62901 Phone: 618-536-7419

Charleston: Jim Payne StalkForrest(at)aol.com

Charlotte: Mike CAMPNC(at)hotmail.com Phone: 704-321-1421

Chicago: IMI Phone: 773-381-9330 Email: "Caren Thomas" windycityhemp420(at)hotmail.com

Chico: MP Jimmy Ogle mpogle(at)usparliament.org http://www.pot-party.com Phone: 530-876-1012 or "Adrian Aguilar" ode2thewalls(at)aol.com Phone: 530-898-2150 or voicemail pgr. 530-571-2071

Christchurch (NZ): "Blair Anderson" blair(at)technologist.com / http://www.alcp.org.nz Phone: 03 389-4065

Cleveland: John NCNorml(at)aol.com http://www.timesoft.com/ncnorml Phone: 216-521-9333

Columbus: Kenneth Schweickart forabetterohio(at)hotmail.com Phone: 614-265-VOTE

Colorado Springs: Joey Herrmann rainbowproductions1(at)yahoo.com

Denver: Jack Woehr / Phone: 303-277-9574

Des Moines: iowanorml(at)home.com http://www.commonlink.com/~olsen/, http://mojo.calyx.net/~olsen/, Phone: Carl Olsen, 515-288-5798 or Terry Mitchell, 515-789-4442; also Becky Terrill, 515-268-3105 Address: PO Box 4091, Des Moines, Iowa 50333.

Detroit: "jude joseph" acididea(at)hotmail.com http://web.archive.org/20000818190943/www.geocities.com/legalizemichigan/ Phone: 313-438-1668 or Adrienne C. (at) E-mail: daisymae421(at)excite.com Phone: 517-872-8005.

Duesseldorf: Marlon Werkhausen, Email: marlon(at)gesellschaftsprobleme.de Mobile Phone: 049-172-7591795 http://www.gesellschaftsprobleme.de

Dunedin: Duncan Eddy duncaneddy(at)hotmail.com Otago University NORML Phone: 025-719-139 Website: http://www.norml.org.nz

Durban: ezpz.co.za or ezpz(at)telkomsa.net PHONE AND FAX: +27 31 2016 359 / Post net Suite 136, Private Bag X 04, DALBRIDGE, 4014, SOUTH AFRICA

Edinburgh: "Linda Hendry" linda(at)anamika.freeserve.co.uk

Eugene: Kris Millegan Hempsters(at)aol.com Phone: 541-935-6276

Fairbanks, Alaska: Contact Chuck Rollins Jr. at chuck(at)mosquitonet.com

Frankenthal: "Helmut Holtzheimer" movemus(at)gmx.de

Garberville : "Paul Encimer" encimer(at)hotmail.com

Halifax: Danielle D'Aoust, e-mail: daoust_girl(at)hotmail.com 3923 Kencrest Ave. app. 307, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3K3L4 Tel: 902-454-9317; or 902-865-8606 Also Jimmy Dorey jdorey(at)stfx.ca

Hamburg: Martina Katzsch Hanf-tv(at)karo4tel.de

Hilo: Roger Christie pakaloha(at)gte.net http://www.thc-ministry.org Phone: 808-961-0488 / also Rev. Jonathan Adler bigislex(at)interpac.net http://www.medijuana.com Phone: 808-982-7640

Helsinki: Finnish Cannabis Association, http://www.sky.org Details: Demo begins at 2pm. Email: sky(at)sky.org

Ho Chi Minh City: "Bartlett Ridge" bridgeviet(at)hotmail.com http://www.BartlettRidge.com

Homer, Alaska - Contact: Julie Cesarini, P.O. Box 812, Homer AK 99603, Phone: 907-235-6040.

Houston: Dean Farrell fdb(at)mail.ev1.net Phone: 281-752-9198 http://www.cultural-baggage.com

Hull: "Carl Wagner" Upyoursjackstraw(at)aol.com Phone: +44 01482 494789 5 Victoria Square, Ella Street, Hull HU5 3AL, England

Huntsville: "Bill Gallagher" luxefaire(at)yahoo.com Phone: 256-536-9967

Indianapolis: Skywolf(at)yahooka.com Neal / Phone: 317-882-1904

Innsbruck, Austria: Contact: Matthias, Email: "Egger" florian.egger(at)chello.at

Ithaca: Adam Hirsch ah222(at)cornell.edu Address: 522 Stewart Ave. (Apt # 2), Ithaca, NY 14850

Jefferson City: Al Minta / Phone: 417-866-399 Address:1653 N. Patterson (Apt A), Springfield, MO 65803

Jerusalem: Joseph (011-972) Phone: 050-494-447

Johannesburg: Gordon Maene Gordon(at)pyramid.co.za Work phone: 011-805- 6763 Cell phone: 082-552-6393

Juneau, Alaska - Contact: "Brad Parfitt" latebrad(at)hotmail.com

Kansas City: Global Peace Cafeneh globalpeas(at)email.com globalpeas, 1518 s. 18th st., KC KS 66101 or mohemp(at)hotmail.com Phone: 816-931-6169 Website: http://web.archive.org/web/20021011145603/http://members.tripod.com/members/

Kelowna, B.C.: Teresa Taylor, CCC luna(at)sunshinecable.com http://taylor1.virtualave.net Phone: 250-442-2741 or 250-442-5166 / Fax 250-442-5167

Kent, (Ohio): Contact: Derrick Heichelbech, Community Cannabis Collective, Kent State University, 22 Cunningham Dr. #1029, Kent, Ohio 44243 / Website: http://mjmarch.webhop.org/ Email: mjmarch(at)cannabismail.com Phone: 330-672-4263

Kraków: Marek Warmuz / "quepassa" quepassa(at)poczta.fm Phone: (+48) 501-468-018

Ladysmith: Terry & Wendy tandwp1(at)home.com Phone: 250)-245-3595

Lansing: Kathy Kennedy / Phone: 517-628-3915 or e-mail: Prohibition X (at) aol.com http://www.cures-not-wars.micronpcweb.com or http://web.archive.org/20000818190943/www.geocities.com/legalizemichigan

Liverpool: "Will Graham" willg(at)marijuana.com Phone: (inc. international code): 0044 151 727 1458

London: International Cannabis Coalition (UK), PO Box 2243, London, W1A 1YF, UK. Chris: 020 7637 7467. Fax: 0870 0548646. E Mail: may2001(at)schmoo.co.uk http://www.schmoo.co.uk/may2001.htm

Los Angeles: Sister Somayah / Phone: 323-232-0935 Email: hempishep(at)successnet.net

Macon: Email: BunnieGurl420(at)aol.com Phone: 912-755 9660

Madison: "Ben Masel" bmasel(at)tds.net

Miami: Temporary contact: Steve Jacobsen chefjake01(at)aol.com Phone: 561-706-1670

Minneapolis: Grassroots Party, Temp Phone: 952-884-5009, or Chris Wright TCW(at)genesis-computer.com Ph. (612) 522-5374. / March (at) High Noon from Loring Park to Washburn Fair-Oaks Park.

Milwaulkee: Dominic Salmaan, 1525 E., Royall Pl. #14, Milwaulkee, Wi. 53202 Ph. 414-289-9501 / 414-339-9377 Email: 420bonghitter(at)usa.net

Missoula: Contact: Angela, Phone: (406) 549-8389

Mobile: Ravetripper19(at)aol.com Phone: 334-649- 0193

Montpelier: Rama Schneider 2001(at)ramabahama.net Phone: 802-433-5441 Address: 1614 Gilbert Road, Williamstown, VT 05679 http://www.ramabahama.net

Montreal: Marc-Boris St-Maurice blocpot(at)blocpot.qc.ca Phone: 514-528-1768

Nashville: "Howie & Marivuana Leinoff" torml(at)weedmail.com Phone: 615-ACT-HIGH

New Orleans: "Ashley The Fearless" fearless_420(at)hotmail.com Phone: 818-762-1368 / 504-957-HERB Website: http://hemp.rox.com

New York City: "Dana Beal" dana(at)cures-not-wars.org Phone: 212-677-7180

Nimbin: "rebelart" rebelart(at)gasgroup.com Contact ph: 61-266890413 http://www.nimbinaustralia.com/mardigrass2001

Nuernberg; Contact: Emanuel Kotzian (member of the "Green Party") Email: emanuel(at)kotzian.de Phone: 0049-911-535433 Details: A pro-hemp-event is planned at the clubhouse K4 in Nuernberg.

Oberlin: Oberlin Million Marijuana March, c/o Stitch by Stitch and Curiosities, 31 South Main Street, Oberlin, OH 44074 / Phone: (440)774-4544 / Email: OberlinMMM(at)yahoo.com

Oberwart (Austria): DJ ANSA will take part in the CANNABIS COALITION 2001 (at) X-CHAT in Oberwart / AUSTRIA in form of a GOATRANCE - PARTY on MAY 4th - 6th (48h NONSTOP) Email: ansa(at)x-chat.at ansa(at)x-chat.at Website: http://www.x-chat.at

Olympia: "Miriam White" miriamwhite420(at)hotmail.com Pager/voice mail: 360-415-2011

Omaha: Paul Tripp paultrip(at)home.com Phone: 402-330-8736

Orlando: Rudi703(at)aol.com Phone: 407-415-2091

Oslo: Contact: Stein Hoftvedt, NORMAL Norway / Email: post(at)normal.no /or Torkel Bjørnson/ mmm2001(at)normal.no Website: http://www.normal.no/mmm2001.html

Paducah: Contact: Paula / Phone: 270-362-9849 or Cher Ford-McCullough bitchcrafts(at)whynotsmokepot.com /also Brian McCullough bud_jamesbud2yahoo.com Phone: 270-362-8186

Palm Springs: Contact: Lanny Swerdlow or Scott Logan of The Hemp Company in Desert Hot Springs at 760-329-3358 or page Lanny Swerdlow at 760-836-8166 /760-799-2055 Email: marijuanamarch(at)yahoo.com

Paris: farid(at)globenet.org FARId GHEHIOUECHE Home phone: 01 42 51 50 85; Mobile: 06 14 81 56 79 or "Dalila AKROUR" dalilaa(at)free.fr

Philadelphia: Bob Hemp (beep) 215-422-6055 / or Emily Petry / Email: "susie q" phillyweed420(at)hotmail.com Phone: 215-563-3030

Pomona, Ca: "Mark Hornaday/Hemp Shak" hempshak(at)earthlink.net Phone: (909)JAH-HEMP. Address: 119 West 2nd St., Pomona, CA 91766.

Portland: Phone: 503-777-9088 pdxnorml(at)pdxnorml.org Address: MMM 2001 Committee c/o Pdx NORML, P.O. Box 11694, Portland, OR 97211. Assemble at Pioneer Square, 10am - March at High Noon; Rally at 2pm, music & speakers til 5pm (Ends by 7pm)

Prague: Michael Polak xchaos(at)arachne.cz Tel: +420-603-872631, +420-2-33355668, +420-602-178012 http://www.legalizace.cz

PEI (Prince Edward Island): Deanne Kimball cdkimball(at)athigw.athi.pe.ca Phone: 902-628-9012

Providence: "Ann McCormick" amccormick(at)home.com Phone: 401-724-8628

Raleigh/Durham: Brian T. Moore btm42(at)hotmail.com Tel: 919-835-9889 Website: http://www.stumpnews.com/raleighmmm

Redding: "Byron Stephens" neuromancer420(at)yahoo.com

Regina & Saskatoon, Canada: Contact: "Daniel Johnson" amduscias(at)accesscomm.ca

Richmond: "Roy B. Scherer" rscherer(at)richmond.infi.net, or campus libs at Huclberie1(at)aol.com. Phone: 804-355-7612

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Contact: Jeramiah Whipp, Marijuana Party of Saskatchewan, Phone: (306)230-0951

San Francisco: http://www.drugpeace.org/mmm or http://www.potpride.com/mmm/ "Adrian Mim" age420(at)drugpeace.org Phone: 510-444-3207

San Marcos: Bryan Anderson: Email: earthfirstswt(at)hotmail.com Phone: 512.396.3223

Santa Cruz: DdC dendecannabist(at)yahoo.com or Jason Brodsky theherbalist(at)newmarijuana.com

Springfield, Illinois: "Mike Roader" heavymettle(at)usa.net

St. Louis: Rev Jeff Aimhigh6(at)aol.com also The Cannabis Commandos or St. Louis Area NORML, PO Box 220243,St. Louis, MO 63122, Phone: 314-995-1395 Email: StL_norml(at)theheadoffice.com http://www.mo-norml.org

St. Petersburg: Kevin Aplin - FL CAN Ph: 321-255-9790. Jodi James - Coalition Advocating Medical Marijuana Ph: 321-253-3673 Brian Palmer - Golden Boy Productions Ph: 407-493-2346

Seattle to Olympia Journey for Justice: Jess "Fat Freddy" Williams realfatfreddyjay(at)worldnet.att.net Ph: 253-573-9862

Tampa: Phone: 813-779-2551. Michael Palmieri forml420(at)marijuana.com or forml_2000(at)yahoo.com ; Address: FORML, P.O. Box 2061, Zephyrhills, Florida 33539. http://www.geocities.com/forml_2000 ; or Bob Quail bquail420(at)aol.com Phone: 727-347-6245

Tel Aviv: Boaz Wachtel wachtel(at)shani.net Tel: 972-54-573679

Thunder Bay: Contact: Doug Thompson, Email: docclone(at)norlink.net Ph. 807-475-7436

Tokyo: Contact: Cannabist, Phone = +81-3-3706-6885 EMail: info(at)cannabist.org Website: http://www.cannabist.org

Toronto: "Terry Parker Jr." terryparkerjr(at)better.net Phone: 416-533-7756 / also The Marijuana Party of Canada Website: http://www.CanadaMMM.com also http://www.daweedking.com Traverse City: Melody Karr fiddlefoot420(at)hotmail.com Phone: 231-885-2993

Tucson: "mary mackenzie (formerly crow)" mmackenzie(at)prodigy.net Phone: 520-323-2947

Turku: Contact: Vihreet Pantterit, http://come.to/MMMTku Email: smuuthc11(at)hotmail.com Details: Demo begins at 2pm/

Vancouver: David Malmo-Levine, BC Marijuana Party Bookstore, 307 West Hastings,Vancouver, BC dagreenmachine(at)excite.com Phone: 604-682-1172 http://www.cannabisculture.com/forums/showflat.php?Number=140570 and http://www.cannabisculture.com/forums/showflat.php?Number=124379

Washington, D.C.: John Pylka, fjhc(at)hotmail.com http://www.fourthofjuly.org Phone: 202-887-5770

Wellington: Ben Knight legalise(at)tradeshall.org.nz Phone: 04 801-6636

Winnepeg: Chris Buors, Phone: 204-663-3485, Mail to: 430 Winterton ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2K 1K4

Woodstock, NY: Contact: Ed zepplin edzepp(at)yahoo.com, WAMM, Woodstock Association for Medical Marijuana, T. Villodas 6 orchird lane, Woodstock, N.Y.12498

Yarmouth: "Ryan Taylor" wi1dman(at)hotmail.com Phone: 902-742-6213

Zagreb: "Sergio Stifanic" fine_time909(at)hotmail.com Address: Galoviceva 10, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia Phone: ++385 1 2330667

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2001 MMM city list.

2001 MMM city list. In several formats. Scroll down the page. Poster, too.


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