AKA Cush

Genotype: Sativa Dominant
Genotype Balance: 90% Sativa / 10% Indica
Great For Stress, Anxiety, Migraine relief and appetite stimulation
Side Effects: (Cottonmouth) all mind, no body high
THC Contents: 15-20%
Taste: A very nice almost pine taste to it.
Smell: Very deep, rich, sweet smell
Appearance: Light Green
Genetics: Skunk No. 1 X Sweet Leaf Indica
Yield: 4-6oz
Flowering: Time 42-49 days
Preferred Growing Medium: organic soil-less mix
Climate Sunny, high UV access

Super Sativa Seed Clubs Skunk #1 x Local Sweet Leaf Indica. This strain was bred in Athens, GA in the late 70's. They called it Cush (with a C not a K). Then Cecil C. (on overgrow, icmag) took the strain from Athens to SoCal. It was then sold to Snoop Doggs crew, where Snoop renamed it Green crack due to its speedy sativa high and their wanting to keep smoking it.

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