Breeder: Sensi Seeds
Location: indoor
Type: Indica
Genetics: (Hash Plant x Northern Lights No. 1) x Hash Plant
Flowering: 40-45 days
Height: 100-130 cm
Yield: 90-120 grams

Hash Plant is a famous pure Indica variety from the northwest United States with its origins in Afghanistan, which was brought to the Netherlands so that genetic work could be done. After mixing Hash Plant (75%) with Northern Lights (25%) this extremely powerful hybrid quickly became an important building block for other Sensi strains and was only made available to the public in 1999.

This amazingly powerful, marijuana is compact, fast to finish, and displays great strength and vigor. Hash Plant produces highly resinous, large, thick buds with a sweet and spicy smell. The spicy hash-like aroma is also noticed in the taste, a rich hashy flavor accompanied by a long lasting narcotic stone.


  • 2002 - Third place winner of the Hydro Cup at the HighLife Cup awards.

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