Ice-o-lator (also known as iceolator or ice hash) is an extremely potent kind of hash. Ice-o-lator thanks its potency to its special production process involving extraction and sieving in ice-water. Precise THC content is always a bit of a guess, but ice is (together with hash-oil) one of the most pure THC and cannabinoid containing substances available for consumption.


Usually (but not necessarily) non-premium leafy material from the plant is put in the freezer for about 15 minutes. After this, it is immediately soaked in ice-water at a temperature just above freezing. It is stirred and let to rest alternately about 4 times for 5 to 10 minutes. After this, excess leafy material is extracted with a coarse sieve and the above steps repeated until the desired amount of crystals is in the water. Finally the water is filtered through a fine sieve. The residual is dried and might be pressed. The result is soft amber/brown resin like material. Lighter colors of hash known as blonde hash can occur depending on Cannabinoid, terpene, and Terpinoid presence. Although many people consider blonde hash purer and stronger than any conventional type of hashish, this pale variety is only higher in some active components, low in others such as CBD. The purest of the pure hash, is amber/brown in color.

Smoking it

It might be consumed the same way any hash is consumed. Because you only use very small quantities of it, it may be said that smoking it in a hash pipe could be a bit tedious. Ice is generally very porous and crumbles easily, which makes it easy to smoke rolled with some tobacco.

The main active component in ice-o-lator is THC and smoking it will mostly give you a very stoned high. However, it is not uncommon for this stoned high to be accompanied by a severe fatigue

This is a product for people looking for the limit. Its potency will amaze most smokers. If you want to try how things can get high , this is something for you. However, its high pricing and its high potency don't make it many people's favorite. A lot of people will argue it is too potent for regular usage and that they don't feel like they are smoking a natural/herbal product.


Availability is mainly limited to Amsterdam coffeeshops, which are authorized to sell it, and not all shops stock it. Generally, a touristy coffeeshop is more likely to stock it. Prices start off at double prices of normal high-potent hash and end way up on the scale. 'More expensive' doesn't necessarily mean 'better'.