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Some of the info below may be out of date.

About Creative Commons (CC) image and media licenses
2 of the CC licensing options are accepted by Wikia, Wikipedia, and the Wikimedia Commons. See the table below. Any version number of those 2 free CC licenses is OK.

Please upload some of your images and media files to the Cannabis Wiki. Pick one of the 2 accepted Creative Commons (CC) licenses from the upload form. See {{Cc-by-3.0}} and {{Cc-by-sa-3.0}}. See the table below. It is adapted from "Upload work from Flickr" at the Wikimedia Commons.

Statement on image page. License OK here?
Cc-by new white.svg Some rights reserved CC-BY Green check.png OK
Cc-by new white.svgCc-sa white.svg Some rights reserved CC-BY-SA Green check.png OK
Cc-by new white.svgCc-nc white.svgCc-nd white.svg Some rights reserved CC-BY-NC-ND Stop hand.svg NOT OK
Cc-by new white.svgCc-nc white.svgCc-sa white.svg Some rights reserved CC-BY-NC-SA Stop hand.svg NOT OK
Cc-by new white.svgCc-nc white.svg Some rights reserved CC-BY-NC Stop hand.svg NOT OK
Cc-by new white.svgCc-nd white.svg Some rights reserved CC-BY-ND Stop hand.svg NOT OK
© All rights reserved Unlicensed Stop hand.svg NOT OK
The icon Cc-by new white.svg "BY" means the image license requires attribution, as in an image is "BY" a certain person. Cc-sa white.svg SA is for "Share Alike". Licenses with NC (Cc-nc white.svg - non-commercial use only) or ND (Cc-nd white.svg - no derivative works) are not OK here. If the image is not OK, consider asking the author to release their work under a free license such as CC-BY (Creative Commons Attribution license), or CC-BY-SA (Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike). See also Commons:OTRS.

Release some or all of the images and media files on your site. It is also good to put one of the 2 accepted CC licenses on the home page and other pages of your website, gallery, Flickr account, Picasa account, etc.. Something like:

This is the site of [real name or alias]. Concerning the images and media files on this site that I have authored, I release them all (or indicate which ones) under this free Creative Commons license: [Link to one of these:]
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.
Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

For more info see this CC license overview page: Licenses - Creative Commons. By the way; Flickr can search its images by CC license. You can also hover your mouse cursor over "Some rights reserved" on Flickr image pages to see the license in effect for that particular image.