Breeder: Sensi Seeds
Location: indoor
Type: Indica (55%) / Sativa (45%)
Genetics: Jack Herer x Super Skunk x Haze
Flowering: ~65 days
Height: 140-160 cm
Yield: up to 125 grams

Jack Flash is an easy to grow Jack Herer hybrid made by crossing our Award Winning Jack Herer with our best Super Skunk and the original Haze father. The result is a fun and easy to grow Indica dominant cannabis hybrid that will do well in all types of growing mediums. This amazingly vigorous variety will produce high yields of large, medium density buds swelling with pungent resin that has a light lemon pepperiness mixed with a zest of skunk and a flash of Haze. The taste is both acrid and sweet with a refined mix of spiced fruit and cool Haze. Jack Flash will leave one with a refreshed, uplifting cerebral buzz and warm body sensations.

2004 Third place winner of the Cannabis Cup.

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