A joint is a hand-rolled “cigarette” made with rolling papers and filled with milled cannabis. Joints are the most commonplace and standard method of cannabis intake. When smoking cannabis, the cannabinoids go from your lungs straight into the bloodstream. Although it may seem straightforward, there are several methods of smoking, some more complicated than others.

It can either be hand-rolled or rolled with a special device called a rolling machine. A joint is one of the most preferred styles of cannabis smoking and is also one of the most varied, given the wide arrange of styles with which a joint can be rolled. A joint's size and weight can also be varied from anywhere between a few tenths of a gram to upwards of whole ounces (although it should be noted that these are very, very rare). There are numerous names for a joint, these include: doobies, J's, or spliffs, as well as other names. A joint is sometimes preferred for the its conceal-ability as opposed to pipes, given that a joint, when smoked, is essentially destroyed in the process, save the difficult to smoke "roach" at the very end. This roach is typically smoked with a "roach clip," which can be anything from forceps to alligator clips [1]. An issue commonly found with joints is "running" or the rolling paper surrounding the marijuana burning faster than the marijuana itself. This problem is typically solved by applying some kind of dampening agent, such as water or saliva, to the joint, thereby slowing the rate at which the paper burns. Another problem is "canoeing" where one side of the joint burn faster than the other, this too can be fixed by applying a dampening agent such as spit to the faster burning side.

There exists, in some cases, notions of respectability associated with one's proficiency at joint rolling. Some members or groups of the marijuana sub-culture place great importance on one's adroitness at joint rolling. Other groups, however, do not.


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