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Type: Indica dominant hybrid
Genetics: White Widow x Hindu Kush
THC: 15%
Flowering time (indoors): 60-65 days
Flowering time (outside): end of October
Yield: Up to 500 gram per square meter

Named after the 2nd highest place in the world. K2 is a popular strain among commercial growers, due to its fairly short flowering period and it being easy to cultivate. It is a good yielder when cultivated in a SoG with up to 24 plants per square meter.

This compact plant produces dense, sticky buds that have a very characteristic, skunky aroma. You can expect a very soft, sweet taste and a nice mellow stoned effect.

Because of the compact bud forming it can be susceptible to mold when grown outdoors, it is advised to grow it in a well ventilated spot.

K2 does not stretch too much during flowering making her popular among growers who do not want their plants to grow too high. When growing her in a greenhouse you will end up with a beautiful plant and a very nice yield.

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