A knifer is a method of smoking marijuana or hashish popularized on the West Coast by rapper and activist Knifer. Otherwise known as "hot knifing".

Two different pieces of paraphernalia are needed when "doing knifers".

  • First one needs a couple of knifes and
  • second a bottle with its bottom cut off (basically a cylinder that's open on both ends).
  1. One starts by heating the end of the knifes with any (clean) heating source, preferably a stove, but even a lighter can work to some extent.
  2. Once the knives are red hot, put the weed on the end of one knife,
  3. press the knife-tips together
  4. place the cylinder over the the burning weed.
  5. Inhale,
  6. clean the knife
  7. repeat the procedure.

Marvin Sotelo[]

Knifer may also refer to cannabis activist Marvin "Knife" Sotelo.

Other names[]

Doing knifers can also be referred to as "hot knifing"