Breeder: Reeferman Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly Sativa
Flowering: ~77 days

Love Potion No. 1 is an outstanding hybrid of G-13 and Santa Marta Colombian Gold backcrossed with the original Santa Marta Colombian Gold male. It's sweet and skunky, piney, lemony goodness that will blast you into the "Sativa-sphere" soaring high clearly cutting through anything that was smoked before. Great SOG and SCROG plant.

Note:Sensitive to light leaks in the flowering room indoors, make sure the room is completely dark in the night cycle.

Inside Finish Time: 10-12 weeks / Outside Finish Time: Late November / Variation: 3.5 / Odor Level: 3. / Mold Resistance: 4.5 / Yield: 4 / Ease of Growth: 4 / Feed Level: 4.5 / Stretch: 2-2.5x Sativa/Indica: 70/30

2004 First place winner of the Sativa cup in High Times Cannabis Cup competition.

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