High death rates in Republican south. Source.

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2011 October 1.

2011 March 19.

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Wolne Konopie Lublin is a local part of the Polish organization called "Wolne Konopie"

Members of Wolne Konopie Lublin organize marijuana marches in Lublin (east Poland) and help Wolne Konopie to liberate cannabis in Poland. ;)

Wolne Konopie Lublin on Facebook: Wolne Konopie Lublin.

Wolne Konopie (Polish pro cannabis-legalization organization) website: Wolne Konopie.org

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October 1, 2011:


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October 2, 2010:

Photos: Zdjęcia z marszu 02.10.2010!


First marijuana march in Lublin. October 2, 2010. Youtube link.

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