Note: For more info see: Image uploading and use. If you forget to add a license, you can add one up to a week later. Copy it from here: Category:Image license templates. Upload multiple files at Special:MultipleUpload.

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Summary: Let the image license selector in the upload form do the work. Just pick a license from the menu. Spaces are OK in image names.

Graphics (posters, flyers, and banners)

Choose one of the "graphic" licenses in the license selector.

Indicate the city, nation, event, and date of the event. Please link to more info if you can.

Uploading your own images and media files

Pick one of these 3 licenses below from the license selector.

Own photo, graphic, media file (you retain copyright and attribution):

Own photo, graphic, media file (you give up copyright):

Uploading images that aren't yours

You must give the source of the image.

As at Wikipedia the free image license must allow image alteration, and both commercial and noncommercial image use.

  • {{From Wikimedia}} - from Wikipedia or another Wikimedia project.
  • {{PD}} - in the public domain.
  • {{Other free}} - licensed under a free license.
  • {{Permission}} - Copyrighted, but use is permitted by the copyright holder.

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Note: Click any license in the license selector menu to view the license banner.