ReLEAF Oil Infusion soothes your body does not change your mind[]

Writing you today with information from nearly 50 years of experience with cannabis.

YES education is very needed ....

NO-- prohibition nor scientific controls cannot solve the problems of no education!

So check out these useful things to help people get educated!

Below is the link to ReLEAF Oil Infusion Process for Topical Use and Medical Edibles (Medibles = Oregon and California language for any way that cannabis is consumed internally.)

There are many more avenues not explored in the video. Plus... OIL INFUSION is

BEDDA than BUDDA for cooking !

The most significant difference between TOPICALS and smoking of cannabis is that the topical application does not change the mind only calms the body. Some people fear that smoking will cause them to have different social behaviors, but this simply does not happen with topical application. It's like any ordinary feeling of relaxing your body from pain.

Although it will grow anywhere, Cannabis is best cultivated as a hedgerow around other foods and vegetables, as certain aspects of it are beneficial in common worldwide garden practice, often called permaculture.*** Basic soil health is found with worm composting & rabbit manure which grow the greatest volume of vegetation.

We all teach wherever we gather. Contact for a consult if help needed will make a difference.

Truth is, we keepers of the precious seed, are a church in every sense of the word. Our religion is commonsense love of life and respect for others, and as the Kannubus church culture is older than any major religion today, this is a high survival strategy on GAIA our living planet. Despite these obvious truths and human rights for people practicing religion in most countries in the world, the group of humans aka A Grass Church are forced into syncretism by the dominant culture, that is copying other religions for camouflage. In other words, we as a group aka church or club are not being allowed to show our true beliefs because others are dominating in the culture, and we are persecuted by being arrested and put into jail for having the holy weed our sacrament and also by having legislation written against us. So we practice and share behind closed doors.

The deepest sadness in this is that our devotees are not able to SHARE SO MUCH blessing that flows through the plant kingdom. Most of us have spent much time outdoors learning gardening from MaMOTA, the Great Mother Plant, who teaches garden culture, who speaks to us always about kindness and sharing. xo*J