Smell: Pungent herbal smell. That's why they call it skunk.

Taste: Herbal/grassy with some sweet notes

Potency: medium to high (12% to 18% thc)

Pricing*: €6,- to €7,- a gram (Dutch coffeeshop pricing)

Indica/sativa?: Original Skunk #1; 3/4 sativa,1/4 indica - Columbian gold X (Afghani x Acapulco gold)

Compares to:Developed by legendary breeder Sam the Skunkman in the US and taken to Holland. First strain to be bred for indoor growing, inbreed,stabilized, and true breeding.
It's now used mostly as a building block for other hybrids. Still a favorite of some grower for its yield, early finish, and 15%+ thc levels. Large lime green to golden buds with a skunky smell, the name skunk became a generic term for any pungent high grade domestic produced pot.

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