There are a few ways of smoking hashish with a glass. For the following method you need

  • a glass,
  • a sewing pin,
  • a piece of thick card stock, like one of those felty beer thingies they use in bars to put your glass on.

Do the following:

  1. Push the pin all the way through the carton and place it on the table with the pin sticking up.
  2. Take a (small) piece of hashish and stick it on the pin.
  3. Light it like you would incense: set it aflame and when it burns, blow out the flame and place the glass over it (upside down of course). The glowing hashish will fill the glass with smoke. Wait, and when it's full:
  4. Lift up the contraption carefully, bring it to your mouth and topple the glass a little bit.
  5. Suck the smoke out from under the glass.
  6. Smile :)

Smoking hashish with a glass/1 - DeLuxe[]

Use a bendable drinking-straw to inhale the smoke from under the glass

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