For this method (also suitable for grass) you need:

  • A glass (a mug will do too),
  • tin foil, a piece big enough to cover the opening of the glass,
  • a rubber band.
  • a sewing pin.

Do as follows:

  1. Wrap the foil over the top of the glass and fold the ends to the side. Its best to not make it too tight, so an indent can be made on one side,
  2. keep the foil in place with the rubber band.
  3. on one side of the foil surface, make an indent in the foil. be careful not to tear it.
  4. with the pin, perforate the foil in the indent. be careful again that the foil doesn't tear.
  5. on the other side of the foil surface, make a hole about the size of a cannabis seed, or a bit bigger
  6. Crumble the hashish or marihuana (with or without tobacco and put it on the perforated indent.
  7. put your mouth over hole and light the mixture
  8. Smoke.

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