A sploof, constructed from a water bottle, dryer sheets, and rubber bands. The residue near the top is indication of prior use.

Simply stated, a sploof is a handmade device made to hide the smell of Marijuana. It comes in various forms:

  • You can stuff an empty two liter bottle with paper towels, dryer sheets or what have you. You blow your smoke in the bottle and it gets trapped by the contents of the bottle.
  • You can use an empty cardboard tube from paper towels or bathroom tissue and stuff that with dryer sheets. You blow the smoke through the tube and when it exits the other end it smells like the dryer sheet aroma. This is not fool-proof as sometimes smoke smell is still detectable if not enough sheets are used.
  • Instead of using just dryer sheets you can use activated carbon (available at your local aquarium store) that absorbs the smell. Best used in conjunction with a lot of dryer sheets to completely rid of the smell, replacing it with a pleasant fragrance from the sheets.

There is a commercially available sploof called a Smokebuddy that uses a carbon filter rather than dryer sheets. It is disposable and good for 300 uses. (Source: smokebuddy.com)

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