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Haut in 1947

Roswell Daily Record.
July 8, 1947.

Roswell UFO craft and alien body retrieval was real according to U.S. Army officer Walter Haut. He signed affidavits to that effect in 1993 and 2002. Released in 2007 after his death in 2005. Video made in 2000. Released in May 2021. Much of the technology has been back engineered, and its carbon-free energy could possibly end global warming. Share link: Roswell UFO. Articles about Haut:

17 Aug 2021: “My father saw the bodies”: chasing the truth about Roswell. By James Jennings. Archived here.

14 May 2021: Ex-Army officer ADMITS he saw ‘alien the size of a 10-year-old child’ after famous Roswell UFO crash in incredible video. By Emma Parry. Archived here. This article has a short excerpt of the video.

May 2021: Roswell Officer Speaks From the Grave: Video Released, Confesses that Alien was "the size of a 10 year old". By Anthony Bragalia. Archived here. From article: "This video clip is part of a memoir video / oral history over two hours in length that covers many personal and professional aspects of Haut's life. The video was taken at the Roswell Museum in 2000 with friends Dennis Balthaser and Wendy Connors."

30 June 2007: Roswell officer's amazing deathbed admission raises possibility that aliens DID visit. By Nick Pope. Archived here.

2002 and 1993 affidavits. Archived here. Scroll down for the affidavits.

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