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Global Marijuana March animated.gif Share links: Republicanstates - States. See: US Taliban Republicans. Their cannabis war. And: Holy War on Drugs, Conservative-led global incarceration. And: Vote for cannabis. And: Maps of USA showing violence and oppression.

Republican states have illegal recreational cannabis, lower state minimum wages, higher state incarceration rates, higher average indebtedness, and increasing increasing voter suppression. [86]. Most Republican leaders oppose winding down the drug war as in Portugal. They oppose single-payer, improved, expanded Medicare-For-All. And expanded Medicaid. They cost LESS, and get better results; such as higher average lifespans. Anti-vaxxers died in record numbers in the US Republican south. See: Map of COVID-19 death rates by US state. See: Map of percent vaccinated by US state.

Map of cumulative COVID-19 death rates by US state.png
US map. Percent of people fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by state.png

US Republican states. Maps[]

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Note the low minimum wages in the Republican south:

See Wikimedia Commons source.

19 Mar 2022: The South’s health care system is crumbling under Covid-19. Enter Tennessee.

See Wikipedia: List of state parties of the Republican Party (United States).

See article: US Republican states. It's not just cannabis prohibition. And: Cannabis war. Part of Republican war on poor. And: US Taliban Republicans. Their cannabis war. And: NRA drug war. US National Rifle Association. And: Happy alternatives to US Republican-led poverty, mass incarceration, food insecurity, debt, ill health, intense concentration of wealth, endless wars. And: USA. The state of the nation.

Wikipedia: List of U.S. states and territories by incarceration and correctional supervision rate. Map is for sentenced state prisoners only. No Federal or local jail inmates. See map.
US Incarceration Rate per 100,000 Inhabitants by State.png

Republican minimum wages[]

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Why do US Republican leaders hate Americans? Why won't they raise the US federal minimum wage above $7.25? 62% in US support a $15 federal minimum wage. Stop voting in Republicans if you don't want the low minimum wages found in Republican states.

7 Oct 2021: Reallocation effects of the minimum wage. "In January 2015, Germany introduced a uniform minimum wage of €8.50 [$10 an hour today]. ... boosted wages of low-wage workers, did not lower employment, and induced a reallocation toward more productive establishments." 11 Jan 2022: Minimum wage in Germany to be raised once again in 2022.
US minimum wage peaked in 1968 in inflation-adjusted dollars. $13.16 in 2022 dollars. [87]. See chart.
U.S. minimum wage peaked in 1968.jpg

Veto and filibuster must go[]

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The filibuster and presidential veto should be short delays before 50% +1 votes.

11 Jan 2021: Mitch McConnell Told To 'Save The Damn Crocodile Tears' After Whining About Voting. "Seems @LeaderMcConnell is weak on the math skills. The Democratic half of the Senate represents 41,549,808 more Americans than the GOP half."

Over 50 years ago (on Dec 9, 1971) Republicandrug-warrior President Richard Nixon vetoed a comprehensive childcare bill. End veto power! And let's not forget Nixon's Forever Drug War:

The forever drug war[]

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US Taliban Republicans. Their cannabis war.

Republican gerrymandering and filibustering will allow the cannabis war to go on forever. At least in US Republican states. The US Congress could legalize or deschedule adult-use cannabis at the federal level if the Republican filibuster was gone. So do not vote for US Senate candidates of either party that support the filibuster. [88].

Gerrymandering. How to steal an election.jpg

See Wikipedia: Gerrymandering.

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