US Taliban Republicans. Their cannabis war

The Republican Party has used its Drug War as a 50 year distraction. All to serve the rich. See: Republican President Nixon's drug war against blacks and hippies. See Wikipedia: War on drugs. See Race, ethnicity, and drug war. See Wikipedia: Southern Strategy - Keeping poor whites and blacks fighting against each other, instead of the real enemy, the Republican low-tax-paying rich. See Wikipedia: Nixon's Enemies List, of journalists, actors, union leaders, etc. who expose it all. A GOP playbook that has never ended, and played out yet again by billionaire Trump until he was dumped in 2020.

Holy War on Drugs, Conservative-led global incarceration.

US Republican states

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7 Oct 2021: Reallocation effects of the minimum wage. "In January 2015, Germany introduced a uniform minimum wage of €8.50 [$10 an hour today]. ... boosted wages of low-wage workers, did not lower employment, and induced a reallocation toward more productive establishments." - Why do US Republicans leaders hate us? Why won't they raise the US minimum wage?
Minimum wage by US state and territory. Dark blue areas have a higher minimum wage than the federal rate ($7.25 per hour). For the other colors the federal rate applies. Except for "special minimum wage" that applies to 2 island territories. See source for more info.
Minimum wage by US state.png
US Incarceration Rates per 100,000 Inhabitants by State. Map is for sentenced state prisoners only. No Federal or local jail inmates. See source.
US Incarceration Rate per 100,000 Inhabitants by State.png

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