Strain: Utopia Haze
Breeder: Barneys Farm
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly Sativa
Flowering: ~75 days
Outdoor Harvest: Middle to end of October
THC: 22 %
CBD: 0.6 %

Barneys Farm Utopia Haze is for everyone who loves a long lasting cerebral high and heavenly delicious marijuana flavors. Afghani, North Indian and Mexican genotypes were stabilized in this indeed unique strain and equipped her with abilities to become a winner of 2008 Cannabis and Sativa Cup. Utopia Haze is a hardy, high yielding plant with an exotic sweet and spicy hash smell and taste and a long lasting cerebral, indeed, utopian effect.

Her cannabis seeds don't seem to be hard to grow, they are mold and disease resistant and show an excellent rate of vegetation, nearly 90%. Her seedlings respond well to any growing methods, they are happy in pots, soil and hydroponics setups. When fully grown, they are medium high (80-90 cm) with strong branching, covered with white crystals and produce loads of bud sites developing into large potent colas sticky with resin. Buds are compact and don't look that dense. Her incredible 22% is well known in modern marijuana society.

Being mostly sativa, Utopia Haze has a surprisingly short flowering period, just 9-10 weeks. Due to strong genotypes which have been stabilized by Barney's Farm's seed selectors, she is also suitable for an outdoor cultivation and produce an amazing 800 gr per plant under optimum conditions. A yield from an indoor variety can be as high as 550 gr per m2. Utopia Haze is a good strain for cloning. She provides the basis for many stable sativa crosses all over the world. She is very consistent and good results are always guaranteed.

Due to unique taste and flavor and, or course, high narcotic effects, Utopia Haze gained a reputation of a mythical plant. Like any sativa dominated cannabis she like to be treated well and in response will satisfy you with better yield of the best quality marijuana.


2008 - 2nd place winner in the Cannabis Cup category; High Times Cannabis Cup
2008 - 1st place winner in the Sativa Cup category; High Times Cannabis Cup

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