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American Holy Wars on brown people worldwide. Covering up lies is complicity in murder. America’s wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, etc. cost $5.9 trillion.

Bush lied, my son died.jpg Bush. The CIA and I lied. Soldiers died.jpg

Share links: Wars - Wars on demand - CIA. This article was written by Timeshifter. See: Brutality and the Drug War. And: Race, ethnicity, and drug war. And: Holy War on Drugs, Conservative-led global incarceration.

10 Jun 2019: Duterte Turns Death Squads on Political Activists. Foreign Policy.
24 Jan 2019: Philippines and Bangladesh. Drug-war extrajudicial killings of many opposition leaders.

The axis of evil Reagan-Bush wars, and fabricated wars, on demand. Including drug wars, and torture. Special discount for wars on brown people. A good movie: Syriana. See also: Reagan's war on cannabis.

2 Oct 1982: Ronald Reagan: Radio Address to the Nation on Federal Drug Policy. [87][88][89]. Quote (emphasis added):

"Each was fighting its own separate battle against drugs. Now, for the very first time, the Federal Government is waging a planned, concerted campaign. ... We're making no excuses for drugs—hard, soft, or otherwise. Drugs are bad, and we're going after them. As I've said before, we've taken down the surrender flag and run up the battle flag. And we're going to win the war on drugs."
"From 2002 to 2005, Haspel was an active participant in the CIA’s 'extraordinary rendition' program. ... Specifically, Haspel was in charge of the CIA’s 'Cat’s Eye,' a secret prison located in Thailand. Haspel oversaw the daily torture of detained individuals at Cat’s Eye."

Thailand also killed thousands of drug users during this period. See Thailand section farther down.

12 Jul 2019: Most Veterans Say America’s Wars Are a Waste. No One’s Listening to Them. The New Republic.

Note the flag. :) Even Americans have to cite their sources.

Colin Powell anthrax vial. 5 Feb 2003 at the UN.jpg

Iraq War and WMD lies

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Lying about sex, lying about war.jpg

Sep 2006: Lie by Lie: A Timeline of How We Got Into Iraq. By Jonathan Stein and Tim Dickinson. Mother Jones. Sept 2006. Updated since then. Coordinated campaign of lies by the Bush administration.
6 Feb 2018: Lie After Lie: What Colin Powell Knew About Iraq 15 Years Ago and What He Told the U.N.. By Jon Schwarz, The Intercept.
5 Apr 2016: At Least Trump Got One Thing Right. There Were No WMDs in Iraq. Huffington Post.
13 Feb 2016: Donald Trump Accuses George W. Bush Of Lying To Invade Iraq. Huffington Post.
19 May 2015: Jeb Bush Says His Brother Was Misled Into War by Faulty Intelligence. That’s Not What Happened. Mother Jones. And: [91][92][93][94].
13 May 2015: Jeb Bush Confronted By College Student: 'Your Brother Created ISIS'.
19 March 2015.The CIA Just Declassified the Document That Supposedly Justified the Iraq Invasion. [95][96].
10 July 2014: Remembering the Hoax That Helped Launch the U.S. Invasion, and Later Disintegration, of Iraq. By Knut Royce.
18 June 2014: Republicans still lying about Iraq. [97]. Huffington Post.
19 Mar 2013: Charts: Bush Lowballed us on Iraq by $6 Trillion. By Tasneem Raja. Mother Jones.
5 Feb 2013: Lie After Lie After Lie: What Colin Powell Knew Ten Years Ago Today and What He Said. By Jonathan Schwarz, HuffPost, Feb 5, 2013. Updated Apr 7, 2013.

12 Oct 2007: “Seven countries in five years”. By Joe Conason. October 12, 2007. Salon.com. Quote:

On the first visit, less than two weeks after Sept. 11, [2011] he writes, a "senior general" told him, "We're going to attack Iraq. The decision has basically been made."

Six weeks later, [General Wesley] Clark returned to Washington to see the same general and inquired whether the plan to strike Iraq was still under consideration. The general's response was stunning: "'Oh, it's worse than that,' he said, holding up a memo on his desk. 'Here's the paper from the Office of the Secretary of Defense [then Donald Rumsfeld] outlining the strategy. We're going to take out seven countries in five years.' And he named them, starting with Iraq and Syria and ending with Iran."

Costs of War project updates

Return to top. It's now up to $5.9 trillion.

America's 'war on terror' has cost the US nearly $6 trillion and killed roughly half a million people. By John Haltiwanger. Nov. 14, 2018. Business Insider.

Just recently, the Costs of War project at Brown University’s Watson Institute offered a new estimate of what America’s wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan will cost the country through fiscal year 2018 and it’s a figure ― $5.6 trillion ― that should make your head spin. It certainly leaves Lindsey’s and Daniels’s estimates in a ditch somewhere on the road to Baghdad. Put another way, we’re talking at a bare minimum about a cost per American taxpayer since September 12, 2001, of more than $23,000. Good for the economy? Hmmm. And the Costs of War report’s estimate doesn’t even include interest on the borrowing that’s taken place to pay for those wars, which, it suggests, is “projected to add more than $1 trillion dollars to the national debt by 2023.”

The link in the above quote goes here:

As of late September 2017, the United States wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria and the additional spending on Homeland Security, and the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs since the 9/11 attacks totaled more than $4.3 trillion in current dollars through FY2017. Adding likely costs for FY2018 and estimated future spending on veterans, the costs of war total more than $5.6 trillion. This report focuses on US federal budgetary costs and obligations for America’s wars since 9/11.

This Google search pulls up more articles:

Various articles use the above total cost to come up with the number of $23,000 per taxpayer. It would be more accurate to say per adult U.S. resident. $5.6 trillion divided by $23,000 equals 243.5 million people. See: Demography of the United States: "There were about 125.9 million adult women in the United States in 2014. The number of men was 119.4 million." That totals 245.3, close enough for government purposes. :)

Republican wars on brown people

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The "War on Drugs". Why is everything a "war" or a "crusade" to Republicans? The war on drugs is a war on people.

George Carlin: Youtube: George Carlin: "We Like War!" 1992. "Especially if your country's full of brown people." (1 min 20 sec in. Direct link there). Bush's "crusade".

Bush Crusade.jpg

Reagan's lies, and War on Cannabis

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Ronald Reagan, 1980 campaign speech: "Leading medical researchers are coming to the conclusion that marijuana, pot, grass whatever you want to call it, is probably the most dangerous drug in the United States, and we haven't begun to find out all of the ill effects, but they are permanent ill effects. The loss of memory for example."

Obama helped turn around the Reagan-Bush War on Pot, mandatory minimums, mass incarceration. See: US incarceration peaked in 2008.

Reaganism: Cannabis war, trickle-down economics, code-word racism, hate radio, mass incarceration.

The majority of people incarcerated in prisons and jails in the USA are in due to drug-related offenses, crimes to get money for drugs, or drug-related parole or probation violations. Wikipedia: Drug-related crime. The number of inmates in the USA has increased almost 5 times over since 1980. It peaked in 2008. Obama's Democrat landslide in 2008 turned the incarceration rate around. But the USA still has the highest incarceration rate of any nation (b c). The cost of the U.S. drug war is at least 1.5 trillion dollars. Cannabis is safer! Share link.

Republican-led big spending on drug war.

Trillion-dollar Cost of Republican-led U.S. drug war. And: Its racist application. [98][99].

"After a 40 year trillion dollar war against a plant, The Plant Is Winning". Trenton, New Jersey.

War on pot a raving success.jpg

Plan Mexico. Mérida Initiative death squads

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Wikipedia: Plan Mexico, (and before):

Trump's "favorite dictator": Egypt's Al Sisi

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14 Sep 2019: Trump Called Out ‘Where’s My Favorite Dictator?’ When Looking for Egyptian President at G7. By Peter Wade. Rolling Stone.

Trump's support of Saudi Arabian thugs

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24 May: Trump dictatorship: Trump bypassing Congress with $8 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.
6 May: Trump's dictator friends: One of my Saudi clients is dead. Another is living, but he could be next: Exiled lawyer. Many dissenters regularly executed after torture and false confessions.
27 Apr: Five men beheaded by Saudi Arabia were gay according to ‘confessions extracted under torture’.

Gulf War I

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Wikipedia: Gulf War I.

"Incredibly, even as some American officials were adamant that the U.S. had no commitments to Kuwait, other senior Americans were reassuring top Kuwaitis that the U.S. was totally in their corner, and urged them not to buckle to the Iraqi leader's demands. One of those was General Norman Schwartzkopf, then American commander for the Gulf region, who personally told Kuwaiti officials that the U.S. had their back. The director of the CIA was also encouraging Kuwaiti them to keep the economic strangle hold on Saddam. ... To convince the Saudis of that threat, then Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney flew to Riyadh. He took with him satellite photographs that supposedly showed Iraqi armored forces massed in offensive positions, ready to strike the Saudis. ... After the invasion, a number of news organizations obtained commercial satellite photographs of Iraqi forces in Kuwait and had them examined by skilled photo analysts, veterans of the U.S. intelligence community. They found no signs of the supposed massive Iraqi troop build up anywhere near the Saudi border; nor for that matter anywhere in Kuwait."

Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990. On October 10, 1990, a young Kuwaiti girl known only as "Nayirah" appeared in front of a congressional committee and testified that she witnessed the mass murdering of infants, when Iraqi soldiers had snatched them out of hospital incubators and threw them on the floor to die. Her testimony became a lead item in newspapers, radio and TV all over the US. The story was eventually exposed as a fabrication in December 1992, in a CBC-TV program called To Sell a War. Nayirah was revealed to be the daughter of Kuwait's ambassador to the United States, and actually hadn't seen the "atrocities" she described take place; the PR firm Hill & Knowlton, which had been hired by the Kuwaiti government to encourage American intervention in the war, had heavily promoted her testimony.

Why do we have wars.jpg

Thailand's summary executions, drug-war death squads, black sites

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"From 2002 to 2005, Haspel was an active participant in the CIA’s 'extraordinary rendition' program. ... Specifically, Haspel was in charge of the CIA’s 'Cat’s Eye,' a secret prison located in Thailand. Haspel oversaw the daily torture of detained individuals at Cat’s Eye."

Gina Haspel became chief of the "Cat's Eye" CIA black site in Thailand in late October 2002. [101][102][103].

Jeff Sessions and Granny [16].

Jeff Sessions once wanted to execute pot dealers.

1/3 of adult Americans have been arrested

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Graphic with comments.

In the graphic to the right I don't know about the accuracy of the numbers under Stalin. But the number for American arrests can be found in the articles below:

Chicago's black sites and torture

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Temporarily disappeared to Homan Square.

Straight Inc black sites. Beatings, torture

Cyndy Etler in 2019

... they were slammed to the concrete floor and “sat on” by the biggest, meanest kids in the group. One big kid on each arm, another couple angry kids on the legs, a fifth brutal kid cramming the “misbehavor’s” skull down onto their lap. In one of the many, many lawsuits filed against Straight, a girl won a $37,500 settlement for, among other things, being “sat on” for 10 hours.

Virus attacks by CIA at home and abroad

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Canada's CIA brainwashing experiments

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Wikipedia: Project MKUltra.

3 May 2018: The toxic legacy of Canada's CIA brainwashing experiments: 'They strip you of your soul'. By Ashifa Kassa. The Guardian.

Fort Detrick, CIA’s Base for Mind Control

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15 Sep 2019: The Secret History of Fort Detrick, the CIA’s Base for Mind Control Experiments. By Stephen Kinzer. Politico Magazine.

President Carter threatened over UFOs

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President Carter was threatened in the Oval Office with not finishing his first term because of his probes into government UFO info. Free audio interview online:

Deaths surrounding advanced research

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  • The Mystery of the Marconi Deaths. By Nick Redfern. Mysterious Universe. More info. "Dozens of scientists and technicians – all working on highly-classified programs, and all linked to one, particular company – dead under highly controversial and unusual circumstances. It’s a controversy that ran from the early 1980s to 1991 and remains unresolved to this very day."
"Just seven days after Greenhalgh and Gooding died, and only a short distance away, a woman named Shani Warren took her last breaths. Warren worked for Micro Scope, a company taken over by Marconi just weeks later. Despite being found in just a foot and a half of water, and with a gag in her mouth, her feet bound, and her hands tied behind her back, the official verdict was – wholly outrageously – suicide."

"Britain’s murderous Special Branch operatives":

It is worth stating that on the 17th of April 1987, “Thames Police” claimed that an amanuensis for Microscope, Shani Warren, aged 26, gagged her own mouth with a blue scarf, tied her own hands behind her back with spark plug cables, tied her own feet together with rope, then flung herself face down in a man-made lake called Lake Taplow,

Bay of Pigs

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Wikipedia: Bay of Pigs Invasion:

Presidents have too much power

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Bring back democracy: Remove Presidential veto power. And: Senate 60% rule.

Presidents have too much power. Johnson: Vietnam War, Warren Commission. Nixon: War on Drugs. Reagan: Mandatory minimum sentencing and mass incarceration. -- Video. Bush 1: More mass incarceration. Iraq War and lies about WMDs.

4 conservative coups d'etats in the US

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2000. Gore won popular vote

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2016. Clinton won popular vote

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1968. Robert Kennedy assassination

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Another one of RFK's children believes there was a 2nd gunman: "Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland".

RFK Jr. did an interview with the Washington Post in May 2018:

Hoover-era FBI altered witness testimony of hearing 2 gunmen and 12 to 14 shots. And: Los Angeles police department destroyed much evidence.

RFK and JFK had been in the military (JFK in combat). Both killed in coups d'etats. Both opposed any great US involvement in Vietnam. Both were anti-racism icons. Hoover's FBI and President Johnson soon knew about and covered up the fact of more gunmen in both cases. They were after-the-fact accessories to murder.

RFK would have easily defeated Republican Richard Nixon in the 1968 election. RFK was a more popular candidate than Democrat Hubert Humphrey. So Nixon would have been twice defeated by a Kennedy (in 1960 and 1968). The Vietnam War would have been ended. The war industries would have lost a lot of profits.

1963. John F Kennedy assassination

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Oswald may have been involved, but certainly not alone.

20 Nov 2013: Oliver Stone: JFK conspiracy deniers are in denial. USA Today. You decide. The U.S. police state has expanded greatly in the last 50 years since JFK's killing. From the article:


Oliver Stone (emphasis added):
"The Assassination Records Review Board (1994-1998) found that over 40 witnesses in two locations saw a large avulsive (i.e. penetrating outward) wound in the rear of JFK's skull. This includes highly qualified medical personnel at hospitals in Dallas and Bethesda, as well as FBI agents James Sibert and Frank O'Neill, who were at the autopsy in 1963 and restated it to the board. This wound again indicates an exit wound from a shot to the front. Conclusion: The president was shot from at least two sides, front and back — not one location."

Killing them allowed for more war

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Both RFK and JFK opposed any great US involvement in Vietnam. Both were anti-racism icons.

So killing them allowed for more wars on demand. More wars on brown people at home and abroad.

Vietnam War

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  • The Vietnam War (2017 series). On Netflix: [107]. Written by Geoffrey C. Ward and directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. An amazing series that cost $30 million. First episode explores and interweaves the long history of the French, Japanese, British, and American occupations. The series shows first-hand testimonies and video about the ruthless dictatorships and pseudo-democracies the US propped up in South Vietnam.

Veterans tell it like it was

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At 4:51 in the video: - "The notion I had when I was in high school was that the Vietcong terrorized the Vietnamese population - forced them to fight against the Americans under pain of death. What I began to understand in Vietnam was that they didn't need to do things like that. All they had to do was let a marine patrol go through a village. And whatever was left of that village - they had all the recruits that they needed. I began to understand why the Vietnamese didn't greet me with open arms. Why they, in fact, hated me. But of course that didn't change the fact that my friends were getting killed and injured every day, and the only place that you could focus your own anger and fear was on those civilians who were there...the longer that we stayed in Vietnam, the more Vietcong there were, because we created and produced them."

CIA's war of deception and brutality

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Wikipedia: Vietnam War:

Treason. Nixon and Kissinger sabotaged 1968 pre-election truce

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In the four years between the [1968] sabotage and what Kissinger termed “peace at hand” just prior to the 1972 election, more than 20,000 US troops died in Vietnam. More than 100,000 were wounded. More than a million Vietnamese were killed.

But in 1973, Kissinger was given the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the same settlement he helped sabotage in 1968.

May the 4th, 1970 at Kent State University in Ohio.jpg

1964. Brazilian military government

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Wikipedia: Brazilian military government:

"The CIA performed psyops against Goulart, performed character assassination, pumped money into opposition groups, and enlisted the help of the Agency for International Development and the AFL-CIO. The 1964 Brazilian coup d'état exiled Goulart and the military dictatorship of Humberto de Alencar Castelo Branco took over."

1953 Iran. Overthrow of democracy

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1973 Chile. Overthrow of democracy

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1973. Spiro Agnew felt threatened by Nixon

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REPORTER: You think then that there were men around Richard Nixon-- either in the White House staff or in the official mechanism of the CIA-- who were capable of killing a Vice President of the United States if they felt he was an embarrassment?

AGNEW: I don’t doubt that at all.

Spiro Agnew didn’t just make that allegation that one time. He made it repeatedly.

1987. South Korea

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Operation Condor

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The Bourne Identity. The Real Story

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