This hybrid strain yields watermelon flavored buds that are dense and large. With a slight hashy undertone this strain has replaced many heavy yielders for growers looking for better potency and flavor with large yields. 55-60 Days Maturity.

This is an awesome specimen of vigor meets quality, definitely a commercial connoisseur product, forms a dense bush and flowers with long thick colas. The taste will melt you with its combination of watermelon/fruity like grape but hashy..mmm Not for a busy day, body stone, good for relaxation and sleep. stock up the munchies cupboard..

  • Indica % = 80
  • Sativa % = 20
  • Height = Medium + with long colas
  • Pheno's = 1(1) Long cola pheno
  • THC % = High
  • Flower = 55-56 days
  • Approx Yield = 120 - 170g

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