By: Sensi Seeds

Smell: Heavy but balanced
Taste: Heavy, aromatic, sweet
Pricing*: €7,- to €8,- a gram (Dutch coffeeshop pricing)
Indica/sativa?: Mostly Indica

A potent, mostly Indica strain. According to Sensi Seeds this was the very first white variety on sale. It's been going for some time now and is still popular. I guess this is because of it's good price/quality ratio and the fact that it's (apparently) easy to grow lot's of it. The smell is balanced but heavy. The taste is pretty heavy as well, lot's of aroma and sweetness (though clearly not as sweet as, let's say, Haze).

In strength (and also aroma/smell) it's comparable to stuff like NY Diesel and Blueberry (at least the ones grown over here), so that should give the Americans among us an idea of what it's like. I recommend it to anybody visiting Holland, it's our classic.

1995 First place in High Times Cannabis Cup
1996 Dutch Hash Cup winner in High Times Cannabis Cup
1998 3rd place Bio Cup winner in High Times Cannabis Cup

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