Breeder: Juan Moore
Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
Genetics: Afghani (f) x Colombian Gold (m)
Flowering: 8-10 weeks

Juan Moore is proud to bring you "Yellow Brick Wall". This is a cross of a very strong, conversation killing, Afghani mother clone. She is a great clone to have, heavy buds and heavy on the brain. A great end of the day smoke to help you relax and get that good rest we all deserve. To this, Juan has crossed a very special Colombian Gold boy, hoping to bring enough of that dizzying sativa high to put a smile on your face through the Afghani fog. This should be a very colorful cross as the Affie mom has been known to produce some very beautiful reddish buds.

A note on the Dad; This male was found in a batch of 40 Colombian Gold seeds, purported to be in the 20-30 year old range, only one seed germinated, and the plant was forwarded for us to look into.....it has the look of a more Indian Sativa; Very tight nodes, thin leaves, working toward a slightly broader leaf as they age.....The plant has no expression of sex whatsoever in the Veg cycle. The male has been clones several times, and has been held in veg for 6 months now, he'll only show expression after 10 days or so in flower......Juan has High Hopes for this guy......

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