Breeder: T.H. Seeds
Type: Indica
Genetics: Gravity x unknown Afghan
Height 120-140 cm
Yield 350-400 grams p.s.m.
Flowering Time 65-70 days

Gravity™ floated its way to T.H. Seeds on a long journey. In 1999 it started her in Amsterdam in limited batches from Neville and Shanti Baba. This multi-hybrid Indica proved itself by being kept alive for years only to return to Amsterdam, this time as a clone... We created Zero-Gravity™ by breeding this clone with our Afghan.

Zero-Gravity™ is one of our favorite strains to smoke at the moment and it’s not hard to understand why. The combination of a super sweet flavor and very satisfying high make this plant a delightful bite for any moment.

Expect big yields of super sticky weed from our latest genetic development.

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